Next stop, hydrogen as a fuel for trains.

hydrogen trains as fuels

Hydrogen fuel for trains. The advantages

Climate change and emissions reduction are top priorities for the railway industry. Hydrogen as a fuel for trains can be an excellent solution for  companies that continue to seek more sustainable fuel options. The use of hydrogen as an alternative source of energy brings many potential benefits, the most obvious of which is that it is a clean energy source that, thanks to fuel cell technology, provides more powerful and efficient energy production compared to fossil fuels.

Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen as a fuel for trains is as clean and quiet as electricity, but it does not have the high cost. As a result, all locations that do not already have infrastructure for the operation of electric trains, such as many areas in the United States and Europe, are potential geographic areas suitable for the implementation of hydrogen trains.
Hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen , new energy source for trains

Hydrogen train how it works

Although the railway has a less harmful impact on the environment compared to other forms of transportation, the industry is constantly searching for alternative fuels that could help reduce its environmental impact. Some companies have opted for electric motors as a cleaner alternative, while others are turning to hydrogen to power their trains. Fuel hydrogen can be produced using various methods. The most commonly used methods today are natural gas reforming (a thermal process) and water electrolysis, which involves passing electricity through water to separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The electricity used can be generated from wind, solar, and hydroelectric sources.


The theme of decarbonization is becoming increasingly important in all transport sectors, and Ansaldo Trasporti seems to be at the forefront of developing low-impact transport solutions. Ansaldo Trasporti is committed to caring for our environment by carefully considering the types of materials to be used in each individual project, in order to ensure quality and sustainability. This includes selecting materials that are resistant and durable, which increases their lifespan and reduces the frequency of replacement. Additionally, Ansaldo Trasporti strives to increase the opportunities for recycling and reusing all parts of their products.

European Year of the Railway

With 2021 designated as the European Year of Rail, all eyes are on the industry when it comes to innovation, sustainability initiatives, and new technologies. Railway transport has been recognized as one of the cleanest and greenest modes of transportation. Data from the Office of Rail and Road, published in the Rail Emissions 2019-2020 report, shows that for passenger trains, diesel use increased by 1.5% compared to 2018-2019, but resulting CO2e emissions for passenger trains decreased to 35.1g CO2e per passenger km. This is the lowest level recorded since the comparative data series began in 2011-2012.

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