Evolution of public transportation

A historic Italian brand, it represents and encompasses a heritage of creative and innovative ideas that have always accompanied the decisive stages of the railway industry.
Safeguarding this heritage and marking a new era for the famous Italian brand is Gesa Industry, which, through new and important investments, signed the agreement with Ansaldobreda S.p.A. to acquire the brand and is now at the helm with total shareholder in the new company.

The company Ansaldo Trasporti, was established with the purpose of representing a "global service company" in the railroad industry.

Ideas, insights and passions

Our company is made up of people, ideas, insights and passions, but also of studies, design skills, aimed at the implementation and research of targeted solutions, with the unique and shared purpose of the final result.
Engaged in the design, construction, installation, integration, operation and maintenance of turnkey rail and metro transportation systems, Ansaldo Trasporti constitutes a new business model. A company ready to interpret the needs of new public transport scenarios with projects and solutions oriented to rail and metro research and innovation.

Synergistic and interactive, transfers into the production fabric of partner companies, the development of projects and services with a process mainly characterized by a defined and measurable result that, transferring value to the Customer, represents the real goal of interrelated activities.

The values that guide us and in which we believe

Our business model is based on innovative guidelines that look to the future of public transportation.


Innovation is the basis of the near future: new business models, new production methods, new scenarios and opportunities. 
Our business model is based on strong guidelines that look to the future of public transportation, so our projects are strongly oriented toward possible new scenarios.

We combine Information Technology with Operational Technology for new collaborative logics, with heterogeneous systems and practices, to eliminate redundancies and improve production results. 
We are prepared for the toughest challenges, but when we work on a large scale, we have the responsibility first and foremost to create innovative solutions to improve the transportation of today's societies and that of tomorrow.


We design new raillway solutions because we believe that mobility is development. We engineer and build solutions for the railway industry, manage complex projects that require resource coordination, production cycle efficiency, professional skills, and experience to execute. From this stem some key priorities for the company's resources and their development.

Ansaldo Trasporti's heritage is rooted in a determination to contribute to sustainable mobility through the development of original and superior technologies and products. We value what we design and develop it in a manner based on strong guiding principles such as: responsibility, entrepreneurship and flexibility.

Global planet

We have a clear vision we want to be recognized among global players in the railway market. We believe that the global rail systems industry is becoming more and more consolidated; our projects are the synthesis of this awareness, which is finding more and more space in the international landscape and making us an active and integrated part of a Global fully integrated player.

Sustainability is an integral part of our identity; true to our culture, we work to meet market challenges with projects and services that aim for increasingly integrated solutions. We work alongside our Clients with an established responsibility to achieve common goals with increasingly green technology.

Our Casablanca office

With a new facility in Casablanca, Ansaldo Trasporti has consolidated its global network with cooperation partners, strengthening its local presence and cross-cultural understanding, essential elements for executing transactions in an efficient and accurate goal-oriented manner. Its design and flow layout were entirely followed by Ansaldo Trasporti in partnership with Ansaldobreda S.p.A.

The plant is intended for the general overhaul of bogies for trains in service of the Kingdom of Morocco's operator, ONCF. The plant is equipped with all the most innovative facilities regarding the overhaul and maintenance of rail trolleys and is therefore able to operate on different trolley project platforms (regional service and high-speed service).