Ansaldo Trasporti and the new headquarters in Casablanca. With ONCF, logistical cooperation between Italy and Morocco grows

Ansaldo Trasporti headquarters in Casablanca


At the Casablanca headquarters, we oversee all company processes.

With the launch of a new and innovative facility in Casablanca, Ansaldo Trasporti has strengthened its global network with excellent cooperative partners, enhancing its local presence and intercultural understanding – essential elements for executing transactions in an efficient and accurate network of contacts. The design and flow layout of the facility were entirely developed by Ansaldo Trasporti, and this collaboration is a testament to the importance ONCF places on the quality of services offered to passengers. By investing in cutting-edge facilities for efficient maintenance and repair of train carriages through our company, ONCF demonstrates its commitment to providing top-notch services


New headquarters in Casablanca

New headquarters in Morocco for Ansaldo Trasporti

Ansaldo Trasporti opens a new facility in Casablanca to strengthen its global presence and improve train carriage maintenance.

The opening of the new facility in Casablanca represents a significant step forward for Ansaldo Trasporti in its global operations, thanks to the collaboration with high-level local partners such as ONCF and the creation of a stronger presence in the North African market. The new facility has been designed to ensure an optimal workflow, with the use of advanced technologies and specialized equipment for train carriage maintenance

“ONCF invests in high-quality services and collaborates with Ansaldo Trasporti to ensure safety and efficiency of trains.

The ONCF (Office National des Chemins de Fer), the main railway operator in Morocco, places great importance on the quality of services offered to passengers and has invested in cutting-edge facilities to ensure the safety and efficiency of trains. The collaboration with Ansaldo Trasporti demonstrates the company’s ability to provide high-quality services and meet the needs of customers worldwide

Opening of a sustainable facility in Casablanca to ensure the safety and efficiency of trains.

Furthermore, the opening of this facility demonstrates Ansaldo Trasporti’s commitment to sustainability, through the use of eco-friendly technologies and reducing its environmental impact. The company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using sustainable materials in the components of train carriages

“In conclusion, collaborating with high-quality local partners, adopting advanced technologies, and committing to sustainability are essential elements for Ansaldo Trasporti in ensuring the safety and efficiency of trains. The new facility in Casablanca represents another step forward in the company’s global strategy and its ability to provide high-quality services to its customers worldwide

Business opportunities between Morocco and Italy in the field of infrastructure, logistics, and intermodal transportation.

Indeed, business opportunities between Morocco and Italy appear to be continuously growing and evolving, particularly in the fields of infrastructure, logistics, and intermodal transportation Morocco is placing a strong focus on developing its infrastructure, particularly in the railway, highway, and port sectors Building an expanded intermodal logistics plan and seeking to create opportunities for meeting and sharing projects between Italian and Moroccan entrepreneurs can represent a turning point for economic relations between Italy and the Kingdom of Morocco, bringing prosperity, peace, and strong growth to the logistics area of the Mediterranean

Morocco and Italy: a common historical heritage to strengthen commercial and infrastructure relations in the Mediterranean


The relationship between Morocco and Italy is more than excellent and historical The southern regions of Italy are of particular importance in this regard, as they can play a role as a human and cultural bridge thanks to their common historical heritage, as well as a bridge towards a new Mediterranean policy, as they possess all the potential and energy needed. So, there is a great willingness to strengthen relationships with these regions, recently declared the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Italy, Youssef Balla. Joint ventures can be launched and established with the important Italian ports and the railway sector to strengthen the entire logistics infrastructure of the Mediterranean