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Ansaldo Trasporti, in cooperation with the Ancona public transport company, launches the first anti-smog bus project in Italy.

They are on the road, three in Ancona and one in Jesi, the four “smog-eating” buses of the Purifygo project, translated “Purify & Go”, requested by Conerobus, the public transport company of Ancona and its province in collaboration with Ansaldo Trasporti. The buses are equipped with a filter system capable of stopping particulate matter with […]

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Future trends in rail travel: news from Rail Tec Europe 2021

This year’s Rail Tec Europe event took place virtually in the form of a digital forum. For five days, the event covered all rail sectors, from how the industry can improve to attract passengers to the impact the pandemic has had on passenger numbers. During two seminars “What are the expectations after Covid-19? and “Travellers’ […]

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China-Europe High Speed

China’s enthusiasm for high-speed trains has known few bounds so far, and now it has set its sights on a grand new scheme: reviving the ancient Silk Road through a state-of-the-art high-speed rail network for both passengers and freight. The $150 billion railway would start in Xinjiang and wind 3,700 miles through 40 Asian and […]

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Promoting the digitization of railways: topics covered by UNIFE event

UNIFE hosted an online event entitled ‘Boosting railway digitalisation thanks to EU Research and Innovation’, where industry experts explored the industry’s contribution to railway digitalisation, as well as the European Green Deal. The event, part of ‘The European Year of Rail’ campaign, aimed to discuss and explore how the industry can contribute to rail digitisation. […]

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