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Ansaldo Trasporti, in cooperation with the Ancona public transport company, launches the first anti-smog bus project in Italy.

They are on the road, three in Ancona and one in Jesi, the four “smog-eating” buses of the Purifygo project, translated “Purify & Go”, requested by Conerobus, the public transport company of Ancona and its province in collaboration with Ansaldo Trasporti. The buses are equipped with a filter system capable of stopping particulate matter with […]

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Interior painting for trains: non-toxicity and safety

Growing concerns about the impact of chemical paints on health and the environment have led to a growing demand for non-toxic paints. Due to environmental regulations that have forced conventional paint manufacturers to significantly reduce the VOC content in paints, most large manufacturers have adapted and modified their production processes to lower the toxic content […]

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