Our Services

Our Services

Our business model

Ansaldo Trasporti acts in a scenario made up of variables that move at great speed, one of the factors of sure success is the organizational model of all the units operating within the structure.

The entire operation is supported by an organizational and informative model that translates and outlines the management’s attention to strict management and quality control.

We have all the structural features and production know-how that allow us to provide customers with innovative ideas in technical design and research of solutions aimed at the problems in which the customer may impact.

We are able to develop and propose to the market technological solutions that can also be supplied in the form of services, such as: installation, integration, management and maintenance of all railway and metro transport systems. This allows us to orient the offer on the changing needs of the market ensuring dynamism and competence.

“This allows us to orient our offer on the changing needs of the market, guaranteeing dynamism and competence”.


...to Reality

Services offered

Spare parts

Maintenance and technical support.


General renovation and modernization work on rolling stock.


Operations related to commissioning and preventive maintenance.


Predictive, programmed and corrective.

Service and Commissioning

Quality control and coordination activities during the project phase.

Design Services

"Built to Print" and "Built to Spec". (Structures, Installations, Tests, Manuals).