Corporate responsibility

Innovation is the basis for the near future: new business models, new production methods, new scenarios and opportunities.  Our business model is based on strong guidelines that look to the future of public transport, which is why our projects are strongly oriented to new possible scenarios.

We combine Information Thecnology with Operational Technology for new collaborative logics, with heterogeneous systems and practices, to eliminate redundancies and improve production results. We are ready for the most difficult challenges, but when we work on a large scale, we are primarily responsible for creating innovative solutions to improve the transportation of today’s and tomorrow’s companies.

Sustainable Mobility

We engineer and build solutions for the railway sector, we manage complex projects that require coordination of resources, efficiency of the production cycle, professional skills, experience. From this we derive some key priorities for the company’s resources and their development.

The heritage of Ansaldo Trasporti is rooted in the determination to contribute to sustainable mobility, through the development of original and superior quality technologies and products.

We give the right value to what we design and develop it in a way based on strong inspiring principles, such as: responsibility, entrepreneurship and flexibility”.

Global fully integrated player

We believe that the global sector of railway systems is becoming more and more consolidated, our projects are the synthesis of this awareness that finds more and more space in the international panorama and makes us an active and fully integrated player.

Sustainability is an integral part of our identity, faithful to our culture, we work to respond to market challenges with projects and services that aim at increasingly integrated solutions. We work side by side with our customers with a consolidated responsibility that allows us to achieve common goals with an increasingly green technology.